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Black is beautiful and same can be said about black diamonds. Black gives the sense of power, the absolute void and nothingness, black absorbs everything and hence can be considered receptive of everything around us. Thus wearing black diamonds conveys an impression of power, suave beauty along with a bold style. more

Black diamonds are also referred to as carbonados- a term coined by the Portuguese. Black diamonds are found only in Brazil and Central African Republic and are rare. One truly amazing fact about black diamonds is that their origins may not be from the earth but from the early solar system. Scientists have found that these black diamonds have been created due to an ancient supernova explosive and subsequently rained downed to the earth as space dust. Hence, itís incredible to imagine that owing a black diamond might imply that one owns a part of the solar system!

Black diamonds are difficult to cut because of their rare crystalline structure. Due to high amount of inclusions in them, they donít have a uniform plane. Also being black in color, they donít reflect light as other diamonds do, but are found to be extremely hard.

Black diamonds, whether as loose black diamonds or natural black diamonds, are usually used with white or colorless diamonds to give a dynamic contrasting effect. Fancy black diamonds include engagement rings, menís rings, matching sets, wedding bands, necklaces and earrings.

Solitaire black diamond is just one piece of diamond embedded in a ring or a pendant. They are very dominating over the rest of the jewelry and give a very elegant effect. If set in a proper manner, even a small solitaire black diamond can appear to be large and thus eye catching.

Natural black diamonds can be found in a variety of shapes such as round, oval, princess cut, brilliant cut, emerald cut natural black diamonds, etc. Since they are very rare to find and also as they are very difficult to cut, the price of natural black diamonds may be expensive.

Whether in the form of solitaire black diamond, or loose black diamonds, the demand of these rare black diamonds is increasing day by day and their price has increased three times in the last three years, thus making them a good investment to make. Also, natural black diamonds are the in thing these days and are being used by many celebrities as a style statement. Thus owing a black diamond sets one apart from the crowd, makes a chic style statement and is a definite eye catcher for everyone. less

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