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Black Diamonds Treatment Detailed Specification

Black Diamond is a real diamond has 100% natural clarity. Beautiful Black color of this diamond is enhanced by heating method. Heating method is the modern color enhancement technique to get jet Black color. Color enhanced by Heating Technique is permanent and wouldn’t change or alter under any condition.

We grade black diamond Quality from A to AAAAA with AAAAA being the best.

Lowest Quality A – Striking Visible Inclusions and or Chips-Fair - Looks Okay

Better Quality   AAA – Slight Inclusion or chips visible with Eye Loop (unnoticeable)-VG-Looks Fine

Medium Quality  AA – Visible Inclusion or Chip - Good - Looks Good

Best Quality   AAAA - Clean Silky Surface with Good Make - Best - Looks Great

Excellent Quality AAAAA - Clean Silky Surface with Excellent Cut – The Best - Looks Excellent

Black Round Diamond  Black Heart Diamond  Black Pear DIamond 

If you have any question or concern about the Quality, treatment or service we provide please feel free to contact us.

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